Meet Our Staff

To help you get to know our staff better, we've provided you with pictures, names, positions, hometowns, and some hobbies.


Boccia, Jennifer.jpg
Angelo, Selina.jpg

Mrs. Boccia


Youngstown, OH

reading, jogging, and

playing board games with my family

Ms. Angelo

Assistant Principal 

Pittsburgh, PA

reading, golfing,

and relaxing

Office Staff

White, Shari.jpg
Stovicek, Vida.jpg

Mrs. White

Office Manager

Long Beach, CA

baking, exercising,

and watching movies.

Ms. Stovicek


Bellwood, IL

going for walks, and watching

the Vegas Golden Knights.

Riley, Tanya.jpg

Mrs. Riley

School Aide

Allentown, PA

shopping, traveling, and

spending time with family.

Kindergarten Teachers

Austin, Sara.jpg

Ms. Austin

Las Vegas, NV

Starbucks, hiking,

and watching movies.

D'Alessio, Michelle.jpg

Mrs. D'Alessio

 Allentown, PA

traveling, dining al

fresco, and baking.

Brzozowski, Gina.jpg

Mrs. Brzozowski

Cleveland, OH

shopping at target and watching my son play baseball.

Kotch, Jennifer.jpg

Mrs. Kotch

Las Vegas, NV

reading, hiking, and

traveling with family.

Cook, Decia(1).jpg

Ms. Cook

Information coming soon

Stanley, Lauren.jpg

Ms. Stanley

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

movie nights with my kids, spending time at the beach, and Disneyland!

First Grade Teachers

Janevski, Dominique.jpg

Ms. Janevski

Detroit, MI

watching football, baseball,

hockey, & cuddling with my dog.

Jugo, Robert.jpg

Mr. Jugo

Las Vegas, NV

Eating out, watching WWE, and rap concerts

Manterola, Anna Marie.jpg

Mrs. Manterola

Las Cruces, NM


camping and hanging

with the family.

Roseberrv, Bonnie.jpg

Mrs. Roseberry

Brooklyn, NY

reading, hiking, and spending time with family.

Nettles, Rikiya(1).jpg

Mrs. Nettles

Chicago, IL

family, reading,

and watching NBA and WNBA.

Schwimmer, Christiane.jpg

Mrs. Schwimmer

Vallejo, CA

decorating my home, spending time with friends, family, and animals, and eating delicious food.

Second Grade Teachers

Kappel, Monica.jpg

Ms. Kappel

Long Island, NY

going to Disneyland, baking, crafts, shopping, and spending time with family.

Kralick, Michelle.jpg

Mrs. Kralick


reading, baking, and snuggling with Henry

McClain, Hee-Jin.jpg

Mrs. McClain

Los Angeles, CA

dog and cat lover, the arts,

reading, and the Seahawks.

Piippo, Nicholas.jpg

Mr. Piipo

Information Coming soon!

Rogers, Carey.jpg

Mrs. Rogers

Las Vegas, NV

crafting, shopping,

and camping.

Thein, Nicole.jpg
Zabriski, Christopher.jpg

Mr. Zabriskie

Dallas, TX

Going to Vegas Golden Knights games, visiting Disneyland, and watching anything that has to do with Star Wars.

Mrs. Thein

Phoenix, AZ

watching soccer and

visiting Disney.

Third Grade Teachers

Ferrari, Christy.jpg

Mrs. Ferrari

Las Vegas, NV

swimming, camping and

kayaking, dancing, reading.

Hintz, Krista(1).jpg

Mrs. Hintz

Bloomington, MN

trips to the ocean

and family time.

Franchino, Lisa(1).jpg

Mrs. Franchino

Las Vegas, NV

traveling, reading,

and family time.

Lemay, Kyle.jpg

Mr. LeMay

Olympia, WA

building things with my hands, riding dirt bikes, hiking/sports.

Green, Lina-Marie.jpg

Mrs. Green

Portland, OR

traveling, going to concerts,

watching movies.

Sanchez, April(1).jpg

Mrs. Sanchez

San Ramon, CA


sports, puzzles, traveling, and spending time with my family

Fourth Grade Teachers

Cosgrove, Ryan.jpg

Mr. Cosgrove

Whittier, CA 

hiking, swimming, and fantasy football.

Holmes, Neil.jpg

Dr. Holmes

Information coming soon

Jordan, Erica(1).jpg

Mrs. Jordan

Lodi, CA

family time, hiking,

and traveling.

Newkirk, Joshua.jpg

Mr. Newkirk

Las Vegas, NV 

reading, music,

and dog lover.

Nicholas, Jenny.jpg

Mrs. Nicholas

Information Coming Soon!

Fifth Grade Teachers

Erickson, Crvstal.jpg

Mrs. Erickson

Great Falls, MT

golfing and


Haley, Georgette.jpg

Mrs. Haley

Las Vegas, NV


crafting, adventuring, and spending time with family

Greenhalgh, Neil.jpg

Mr. Greenhalgh

Nephi, UT

theatre, reading, and

visiting the beach.

Wells, Melissa.jpg

Mrs. Wells

Jackson, MI

scrapbooking, photography, spending time with my family.


Adams, Wendy(1).jpg
Carlton, Ashley.jpg
Chatham, Ashley(1).jpg

Ms. Carlton


Las Vegas, NV

reading, photography,

and adventuring.

Ms. Adams

RBG3 Strategist

Las Vegas, NV

yoga, jogging, volleyball, and

spending time with my son.

Mrs. Chatham


Atlanta, GA

running, UGA and Falcons

football, dogs, knitting.

Cuddihy, Shannon.jpg
Guthrie, Billie Jo.jpg
Mahan, Stacy.jpg

Mrs. Cuddihy


Pittsburgh, PA

reading, swimming,

and crafting.

Mrs. Guthrie


Pittsburgh, PA

cooking, hiking with my dogs,

listening to music.

Mrs. Mahan


Morgantown, WV

drawing with colored pencils,

reading, and photography.

Rex, Damon.jpg

Mr. Rex


Information Coming Soon!

Payne, Danielle(1).jpg

Mrs. Payne


Las Vegas, NV

Starbucks, baking,

and going to Disney.

Specialized Programs

Flenoy, Robert.jpg
Burkland, Janet.jpg
Navarro, Karina(1).jpg
Tello, Scott(1).jpg

Mr. Flenoy

Downey, CA

writing, gaming,

family time.

Mrs. Burkland

Huntington Beach, CA

spending time with family,

traveling, reading.

Ms. Navarro

Las Vegas, NV

spending time with family, relaxing at home, and travelling


Mr. Tello

Reno, NV

reading, singing Disney songs in English, Spanish and French & spending time with loved ones.

Medina, Stacey(1).jpg
Myers, Joy.jpg
Conde, Erica.jpg

Ms. Medina


Las Vegas, NV

running, camping,

and shopping.

Ms. Myers

Colby, KS

crafts and


Mrs. Conde

Milwaukee, WI

Running, watching VGK, and all the dogs.

Nelson, Amy.jpg

Ms. Nelson

Cattaraugus, NY

spending time with my family and dog, hiking, and reading

Smith, Michael(1).jpg

Mr. Smith


Detroit, MI

golfing, guitar, and

working around the house.

Smith, Wendy(1).jpg
Genovese, Dezzarav.jpg
woman placeholder.jpg

Mrs. Knightly-Smith


Boston, MA

watching Red Sox games,

swimming, and family time

Mrs. Genovese


Aberdeen, SD

baking, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.


Mrs. Oswalt

Information coming soon!

woman placeholder.jpg

Ms. Tracee

School Psychologist

Chicago, IL

Hiking, yoga, cooking, and baking

Support Staff

Lozada, Norma.jpg

Mrs. Lozada


Brick, NJ

scrap-booking, adult coloring,

and reading.

Patros, Joseoh.jpg

Mr. Patros

Head Custodian

Detroit, MI

reading, spending time with my family, watching hockey


woman placeholder.jpg

Ms. Curbelo


Information Coming Soon

Stephen, Dani.jpg

Ms. Stephens


play with my puppy, spend time with my family, fixing and painting things

Beck, Tess.jpg

Mrs. Beck

draw, listen to music, watch documentaries

Treio, Rafael(1).jpg

Mr. Trejo


Information Coming Soon

Parotte, Edmond(1).jpg

Mr. Parotte

Site Based Technician

Las Vegas, NV

playing sports, reading,


Diehl, Jonathan.jpg

Mr. Diehl

Information Coming Soon

Keraly, Dodi(1).jpg

Ms. Dodi

Lompoc, CA

reading, puzzles,

grandson Jaxson.

Knieht, Ryan.jpg

Mr. Knight


Goshen, NY

board games, reading,

and bowling.

El-Hidmi, Nadia(1).jpg

Mrs. El-Hidmi

Murrieta, CA

cooking, hosting gatherings, and taking pictures.

Stovicek, Meagan(1).jpg

Mrs. Stovicek

Library Aide

Las Vegas, NV

traveling, musical theater,

and photography.

woman placeholder.jpg

Ms. Ghiorsi

Information Coming Soon

man placeholder.jpg

Mr. Vaughn


Information coming soon!

woman placeholder.jpg

Ms. Palcios

Cafeteria Manager

Information Coming Soon

Carlin, Megan(1).jpg

Ms. Carlin

Listening to music, watching Disney movies, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

man placeholder.jpg

Mr. Kerbyson

Instructional Assistant

Warren, MI

Disney, cruising, and camping.